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Chewing Gum Removal from Streets and Pavements

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Street Smart can offer Chewing Gum Removal, or Gum Removal and Street Washing as part of a complete Street Cleansing package which includes supply of equipment, consumables & manpower.


We use a high temperature, low pressure steam system which not only removes the gum but also the oily stain that can remain after traditional high pressure systems have been employed.  As the system is low pressure there is no evident "overspray" which presents no inconvenience to the Public or Businesses and does not damage the paved area or grouting 

This equipment uses only 5 litres of water per hour in comparison to high pressure equipment which can use up to 1200 litres per hour.

Due to the technologies we utilise, we are able to operate during normal hours with minimal disruption to Public & Businesses.

We are able to offer our sevices for a complete clean up or a regular maintainance regime to maintain cleanliness standards.