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Brand new & exclusive to STREET SMART...


Our new and exlcusive street cleaning system offers unrivaled performance and efficiency.

Images and specification to follow, check back soon!

The Gum Removal Unit       

This self contained unit uses only 5 litres of water per hour and carries all fluids required for 4 working hours.

Unit includes:   

  • 1 x Steam Unit 1 x Generator

  • 1 x Lance suitable for gum removal


  • Water tank capacity        5 litres

  • Heating time                   9 minutes

  • Pressure in use              8 bar

  • Maximum temperature    180c (nominal)

  • Maximum power             3600w

  • Generator                       5kva

The Gum and Graffiti Trailer


This self contained unit carries all water and fluids required for the working day. 

This unit is capable of removing up to 8000 pieces of gum per day using only 80 litres of water.Trailer includes:

  • 2 x Steam units - pressure in use 8bar, max temperature 180c nominal

  • 1 x Generator - 10kva

  • 2 x Lances suitable for gum removal

  • 2 x Lances suitable for graffiti removal

  • 1 x 300 litre stainless steel water tank

  • 1 x pressure washer