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Street Washing


We use the Aquazura Vacuum Scrubber Drier which is unique in the fact that it combines three technologies: brushing, washing & suction.  The most appropriate solution for cleaning areas with high density pedestrian traffic.  The Aquazura uses minimal water & detergent dispensed to 5 rotating scrubbing brushes which effectively remove grime & detritus from paved areas whilst NOT damaging the surfaces or damaging the grouting between pavers & blockwork.

In addition, the Street Scrubber collects the foul water & debris & holds it in a self contained hopper for removal from site.  This means that not only is the cleaned area left almost dry & safe for pubilc traffic to use immediately, but also the areas & shops around the cleaned site are not "oversprayed" with dirty water & debris.  The recovered water can also be recycled poviding enhanced water economy.